Why uPVC French Doors Could Be The Best Option For Your Home

Why uPVC French Doors Could Be The Best Option For Your Home

French doors are a practical and elegant entryway option, making them an extremely popular design choice both here in New Zealand and around the world. 

This style of doorway can add a touch of flair to a plain entryway or room, or it can help to elevate the overall style of an artfully designed and decorated home. 

If you’re considering installing French doors in your new build, or adding French doors with your renovations, read on to learn more about this classic style and the benefits of uPVC. 

The characteristics of classic French doors 

Traditional French doors include two individual doors placed next to each other. As a result, you can open just one door for a normal doorway, or open both at the same time for a double-wide, ultra-spacious doorway. 

They are also known to have clear or glass panels, rather than opaque wood or other panelling. This can be a single large pane in each panel, or a series of small windows.

Some French doors are sometimes used internally to separate large indoor spaces, but they often open outside onto patios, decks, and lawns.  

Why French doors are so popular 

French doors offer a number of excellent benefits for homeowners and renters, and it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular option. 

In many cases, the main reason why homeowners and developers choose French doors is for their practicality. The option of opening just one means it can function as a regular door for day-to-day use, whereas being able to open both at once offers a stunning indoor-outdoor flow that can make a big difference to a space. 

Additionally, this extra-wide entry and exit point is extremely useful when moving or for renovations. They make it easy to bring in large furniture pieces such as dining tables, couches, and ovens without worrying about space or about dinging the walls or furniture. 

The glass panels also offer another major benefit. Whether you have French doors inside the home between rooms or as an entryway to the outdoors, the clear panes help to create a brighter, more open space. Letting in more natural light is an easy way to make rooms feel much larger and more comfortable. 

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of French doors is simply how they look. They are effortlessly stylish, and can make any room or entryway look sophisticated and sleek.

Why choose uPVC for your French doors 

The benefits of uPVC are as abundant as the benefits of French doors themselves.

uPVC offers natural insulating properties to keep the warmth inside in winter, and the cool air inside in summer. All our glass is double-glazed, which provides thermal insulation that exceeds that of aluminium doorways. 

With uPVC doors, the frames and double-glazed windows also work together to create an effective barrier against noise. This helps to minimise noise pollution, which can be especially helpful if you live near a major road or busy walkway. 

These materials are also highly durable and are built to withstand 40 years or more in New Zealand conditions. They won’t rot, rust, or corrode, and will never need a fresh coat of paint, so maintenance is extremely minimal. 

Finally, our doors  use a multi-point locking mechanism, where the lock engages at multiple points along the frame. The frames are also reinforced with steel, and the windows can be laminated for a highly secure – yet beautiful and functional – set of French doors. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Eco Tauranga to learn more about uPVC French doors, or get a quote for installing them in your home.



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