Tilt & Turn Doors

uPVC Doors

Providing secure ventilation as well as easy access to a home or building, our Tilt & Turn doors are a modern and versatile joinery solution. We love to supply products which make your space a little easier to live or work in, and these doors fit the bill.


As well as opening from the side like a standard hinged door, the Tilt & Turn door tilts inwards to leave a 100mm gap at the top. This allows you to ventilate the space while keeping the door closed, letting air in but nothing else. When fully closed, the door seals airtight with a double rubber seal and locks securely thanks to a multi-point locking system.


Made from uPVC, the Tilt & Turn doors—like the rest of our range—contribute to the energy efficiency of any building. They offer natural insulation and soundproofing qualities, and the tight seal means that heat or cold does not easily transfer. They are also very durable and low-maintenance, requiring only a wash every now and then.


If you are interested in fitting or retrofitting Tilt & Turn doors, contact the Eco Tauranga team today. We supply and install around the Bay of Plenty region, and are happy to chat about the best joinery solutions for your project.

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