Smart Slide Doors

uPVC Doors

Our Smart Slide doors are a new generation in sliding doors, an innovative and high-performing product in our range of uPVC joinery. They can be made to large dimensions to serve the aesthetics and function of any space, and are a top choice for all new builds, renovations, or retrofit projects.


Ease of operation makes the Smart Slide range stand out from the rest: they slide smoothly and close softly. The doors are intuitive and comfortable to use, and also offer safety and security thanks to the airtight double rubber seal and multi-point locking system. Each door panel has at least five locking points making them a solid barrier against the entry of anything unwanted, including stray breezes and draughts.


The Smart Slide door also offers a variety of options to suit different spaces. It can have two panels of which one is fixed and one slides, or four panels of which the outer two are fixed and the inner two slide to meet in the middle. They can be constructed to a maximum dimension of 5.8 metres wide and 2.5 metres high. They also come with various locking options:


  • A handle on the inside, an indented handle on the outside, and no locking cylinder. These can only be locked and unlocked from the inside
  • Handles on both sides with a locking cylinder. These can be unlocked from both sides and are able to serve as an entrance to the house.


If you have any questions about our Smart Slide doors or any other product in our range, please get in touch with the Eco Tauranga team. We would love to chat about joinery options and offer advice for your projects in the Bay of Plenty area.

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