BRANZ Appraised

BRANZ Appraised

In November 2018, BRANZ gave its appraisal to our whole uPVC product line.

An Essential Step

The Appraisal is fantastic news for Eco Tauranga since it establishes our credibility in the construction business. The BRANZ seal is instantly recognised by architects and other industry professionals, indicating that the product line complies with all essential New Zealand building requirements. They don’t need to know much more about the product because the Appraisal has already given them enough confidence in it.

All essential building codes for our uPVC windows and doors are included in the BRANZ stamp, offering an easily accessible database of all you need to know. Transparency is assured because of this, as there is no uncertainty regarding the quality and conformity of our product line.

The Outcomes

BRANZ put our Aluplast 2000 IDEAL series uPVC products to the test. Because all our uPVC extrusions have product numbers with timestamps, the joinery’s whole journey can be followed from the time it is manufactured until it reaches your house. Before being sent to Auckland, the uPVC is made in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our workshop then fabricates the joinery from Aluplast to the highest standards.

BRANZ was able to verify the validity of our uPVC and provide the windows and doors with a 15-year guarantee thanks to this transparent tracking mechanism. There are few other items in New Zealand that have BRANZ Appraisal, and even fewer that come with such a strong warranty.

Additional Information On BRANZ

The Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) is a non-profit organisation financed by the government. They analyse and evaluate construction materials and goods in their own lab and then publish evaluations and unbiased reports on their results. They guarantee that construction industry standards are respected across the country and that goods can be trusted.

Customers and architects alike may view the information in all the reports because they are all free to access. Here’s a link to ours.

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