Why uPVC?

Find out about the many advantages uPVC joinery offers over traditional aluminium and timber



uPVC is naturally an excellent thermal insulator, and pairing uPVC with double-glazed windows provides insulation levels that far exceed traditional timber and aluminium.

Windows are a major source of heat loss in any home, and the insulating properties of our uPVC doors and windows will not only keep your house warmer in winter, but also cooler in summer.



uPVC offers extremely effective sound-proofing, and together with double-glazed windows high levels of sound reduction can be achieved. Tests overseas have measured noise reductions as high as 38dB!

So not only will your home enjoy the thermal insulation benefits of our Eco uPVC joinery – it will be quieter, too.



For a safer home, our uPVC joinery features multi-point locking systems, making them much more secure than the single point lock on traditional doors and windows.

The uPVC frame is reinforced with steel for additional strengthening too, and a laminate can be applied to the double-glazed windows, making them difficult to break.



Our uPVC profiles are especially manufactured from a compound designed to withstand the high UV New Zealand environment, and can be expected to last at least 40 years.

uPVC frames are low maintenance – they will not rot or corrode, never need painting, and can be cleaned with just soapy water.



The improved insulation offered by our uPVC windows makes your home more energy-efficient, and therefore more eco-friendly.

uPVC is recycled too – our supplier in Germany utilises recycled uPVC where possible. With the growing popularity of uPVC in New Zealand, we do expect to see it being recycled locally in the future.

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