Tilt & Slide Doors

uPVC Doors

These innovative doors offer a unique function and are ideal for spaces in which ventilation is often desired but an open door is not. Made from quality uPVC, they are a top option for anyone building, renovating, or retrofitting.


The Tilt & Slide door works just as its name suggests. As well as operating as a normal sliding door to open and close so people, animals, and objects can pass through, the sliding panel tilts in to leave 100mm open at the top for safe and secure ventilation. This means that you can allow air in and out of your home without a wide open door.


A double rubber seal means that the Tilt & Slide door seals tightly against draughts. It is also very secure when closed thanks to a multi-point locking system with at least five lock points per panel. Being made from uPVC gives the doors fantastic insulation and soundproofing properties, and they provide energy efficiency for your home or building.


To learn more about the Tilt & Slide door or any of our other high-performing uPVC products, talk to the Eco Tauranga team. We would be happy to provide advice and guidance regarding our range of doors and windows and can supply and install around the Bay of Plenty region.

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