Stacking Sliding Windows

uPVC Windows

If you need a sliding window that’s a little longer and covers more space than our standard option, this is the product for you. The stacking sliding window, made from quality uPVC, offers something different and versatile for homes and commercial properties.


Rather than the two panels of the standard sliding window, the stacking sliding window has three. These can be configured in different ways: either one panel is fixed while the other two slide, or all three slide and stack. You can choose the style that best fits your space and intended use. A sliding window is fantastic for creating indoor-outdoor flow as it opens up with no obstructions between inside and out.


The stacking sliding window is a breeze to open but also locks closed very tightly thanks to a multi-point locking system. With several points of locking and a quality seal, these windows are a safe and secure option on any property.


For more information about our stacking sliding windows or any other uPVC joinery product, get in touch with the Eco Tauranga team. We would love to discuss your plans for a renovation, new build, or retrofit in the Bay of Plenty region.

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