uPVC door style guide: What one should I choose?

uPVC door style guide: What one should I choose?

Do you want to upgrade your doors but are unsure what design you choose? With countless options on the market, it can be difficult to come to a decision about a door design that fits your needs and requirements. All of Eco Tauranga’s uPVC doors are high-performing and offer outstanding insulating and soundproofing qualities. Their airtightness and multi-point locking system make them stand out from other brands.

We know how important it is to select the right door for your needs, so we put together a handy guide about all the designs available from Eco Tauranga.


Door styles from Eco Doors & Windows

Eco Tauranga has a wide variety of door styles available for any room and situation. We can help you select the perfect door for your needs! Read on to find out a little bit about each of our options!


Bifold doors

Bifold doors come in a range of sizes and configurations from Eco Tauranga. They can come with three to six panels, where the main panel swings out like a normal door while also being able to be pinned back to improve access to your home. The other panels fold and sit at 90 degrees to your home. Our bifold doors are a versatile option that significantly improve the indoor-outdoor flow of your home. They are an excellent choice for exits to decks and gardens, as they require some space on the exterior of your house.


Entrance doors

Entrance doors offer the first impression of your home to visitors, so they are a great way to make a statement. Eco Tauranga has a variety of uPVC front and back entrance doors available, which come in a range of sizes, colours and configurations. They are hinged at the side and open easily. With Eco Tauranga, the design choice is yours! We can fully customise the entrance door for your needs and can fit different shaped and sized glass in the structure to get you the desired look. Invest in a unique and high-quality door with our team!


French doors

French doors are a classic option that features two panels that open out from the middle. They are a very popular choice across the country and are often installed in exits to patios and decks. One panel has a handle that allows for locking and unlocking, while the other side opens with a lever that’s tucked away when the doors are closed. You can choose the traditional symmetrical option as a configuration, but we can also play around with asymmetrical options, where one panel is larger than the other.


Smart Slide doors

Smart slide doors can be made in a range of sizes and in very large dimensions, up to 5.8m wide and 2.5m high, which makes them an excellent choice for homeowners looking for large glass surfaces. They are the most innovative and high-performing sliding doors on the market and are often fitted into modern homes and new-builds. Our Smart slide doors operate smoothly and slide effortlessly. The doors from Eco Tauranga have either two panels, with one being fixed and the other sliding, or four panels, where the outer two are fixed and the inner two slide to meet in the middle. We can either fit a configuration that opens it from the inside or from both sides, so you can select the exact design that fits your needs.


Stacking sliding doors

Our Stacking sliding doors are available in two configurations, with one panel fixed and two sliding, or all three panels sliding. They can open wider than the traditional sliding door option, which leads to an increased indoor-outdoor flow connecting the interior of your home to your garden or patio seamlessly. If you live in a windy location or a place that’s regularly subjected to environmental conditions, you might want to choose a higher-performing option, as these are only rated up to a high wind zone.


Standard sliding doors

Standard sliding doors have excellent space-saving capabilities and effortlessly improve the indoor-outdoor flow of your home. Due to their easy operation, they are the most popular option across the country and are often installed in high-traffic areas, such as with exits to decks and the garden. Sliding doors are also known as ranch sliders and can often be found in homes subjected to harsh environmental factors.


Tilt and slide doors

Tilt and slide doors work as a standard sliding door while also having the function of working as a large window by tilting in to open to a 100mm gap at the top. They are a versatile and modern option that supports your home’s ventilation, even when the doors are closed. Our tilt and slide doors are a great way to keep your home safe while ventilating. We see these doors installed in rooms that require regular ventilation, such as bathrooms and laundries.


Tilt and turn doors

Tilt and turn doors open from the side like a standard hinged door but are also able to tilt inwards to leave a 100mm gap at the top. They are another modern option that allows for secure and regular ventilation while the door is closed. This door can be a great addition to a laundry or other rooms that require access to the outdoors, while also needing to be ventilated regularly. Our tilt and turn doors will ensure fresh air gets in your home while also keeping your household and assets safe!


Get in touch with Eco Tauranga

Contact our friendly team if you are investing in a new door for your home. We can create customised options and help you find the ideal solution for your needs with our wide variety of door styles. We understand the importance of finding the perfect door and will help you during the process!

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