How to maintain your uPVC doors

How to maintain your uPVC doors

How to look after your uPVC doors

Purchasing and installing a new door in your home is a major investment that requires thorough planning and preparation. For many, an important factor is how long their new door will last and what maintenance requirements it needs regularly. Eco Tauranga’s uPVC doors are made of high-quality material that not only has natural insulating and soundproofing qualities but is also relatively low maintenance. We give a few tips and tricks about how you can maintain and clean your uPVC doors to enjoy their benefits for a long time!


Cleaning the door frame and glass

Cleaning your uPVC door frame and glass has never been easier. All you need is a few household items, including dishwashing liquid and warm water to remove any unwanted stains and dirt. Soak the frame or glass in the mixture for some time, and make sure you rinse with clean water after to avoid any marks. Wipe the surface dry with a micro-fibre cloth or paper towel to make it look as new as possible. Because of the low maintenance of the uPVC material, you will only need to clean the frames and glass every few months or if you find any soil or dirt on the surface.

We suggest not using any polishing agent on your uPVC frames as this can cause discolouration and damage the surface. If you are looking for an easy maintenance door option, then uPVC is the right choice for you!


Protecting the surface from scratches

Scratches can be an extremely annoying damage to your frames and glasses, so it is important to protect the surface from this problem. Make sure that you don’t use any sharp objects, such as razor blades and metal scrapers when cleaning your uPVC door frames and glass. We know it can be difficult to remove hardened paint or dirt, but the safest way is to stick to the dishwashing liquid and warm water mixture that we mentioned above. To avoid any difficulties, try to remove dirt before it hardens and make sure you cover up your doors before doing any painting, renovating or some work in the garden. Never use any harsh objects, including knives, on your uPVC door surface!


Caring for your opening hardware and door handles

Maintaining your doors’ hardware, including the handles and gaskets, is important to ensure that they open and close without any issues. Use a vacuum cleaner or warm soapy water to remove any soil, dirt and dust from the gasket and support the sliding mechanism of your uPVC doors. To avoid any damage to the hardware, make sure that you always rinse the surface with clean water after. We suggest using silicone oil on your gasket at least twice a year to extend its life. This will also support the airtightness of the door at all times.

The best way to take care of your Eco Tauranga doors is to perform a full maintenance of them at least once a year, where you clean all surfaces, remove any dirt from the gasket and tracks and grease all moving and locking parts with an acid-free lubricant. Placing a few drops of light machine oil in all guiding slots will make the sliding even easier and make the operation of your system as simple as possible.


Other things to be mindful of

Living in a corrosive environment, such as near the ocean, water treatment plant or in a location with high pollutants in the air means that you will need to clean and maintain your uPVC doors more regularly. We suggest performing maintenance every two months and checking for any damage and wear in regular intervals. Your uPVC doors will give you excellent benefits even in a corrosive environment!

Eco Tauranga is here to help you with all uPVC door maintenance and cleaning questions. We support our customers in maintaining and caring for their frames and glass to ensure that they enjoy their high-performing doors for a long time coming. If you are looking for a trusted uPVC door manufacturer and installer, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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