Sound reduction through windows

Sound reduction through windows

Do you live near the motorway, next to the train tracks or in an all-around noisy area? Do you get woken up by your neighbour’s dog or children playing outside? Many people around the country face these problems on a daily basis but often believe there is not much that they can do to prevent them. Let Eco Tauranga explain how uPVC double glazed windows may be just the solution you are looking for!

uPVC double glazing offers a range of benefits to the household. These types of windows are natural thermal insulators, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are more secure than timber and aluminium windows due to their multi-locking system and are expected to last over 40 years. Overall, uPVC windows offer an eco-friendly option that will not only save the planet but will also reduce your electrical bill. Most people are aware of these benefits, but only a few know about the great soundproofing qualities that uPVC double glazed windows also offer.

uPVC reduces sound transference by 38dB, making it the leading sound reducer on the market. Noise pollution is becoming more and more prominent in large cities, with more cars, planes and people passing through an area at once. Construction is becoming louder and more regular, and we often can’t avoid noise pollution, even if we select a generally quiet place to live in. That’s why it has become so important to soundproof our home efficiently in recent years, and uPVC double glazing gives you an excellent start.

If you are looking for an even higher soundproofed option, at Eco Tauranga, we also offer laminated safety or hush glasses, both of which further increase the noise reduction within your home.

The laminated safety glass is made by a heat pressure process that laminates two sheets of glass with a polyvinyl butyral interlayer between them, making them safer and thicker, which in turn also shuts more noise out. Our team also installs hush glasses from Viridian, which can further lower the noise levels and increase the soundproofing qualities of your home.

No matter what area you live in, at Eco Tauranga, we can ensure that you get optimal soundproofing qualities with our uPVC double glazed windows. Our team can find a solution for you that will reduce noise pollution and make your home a better place to spend time in. Contact the team at Eco Tauranga today to discuss your options and start your journey towards a warmer, secure and quieter home!

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