uPVC Repairs And Replacements

uPVC Repairs And Replacements

Despite the fact that it may appear that you require replacements, you would be astonished at how many difficulties we can handle with your windows without replacing them. Repairing uPVC windows is exceedingly unusual, but this article will show how problems may be remedied without replacing them.

A Window With Broken Or Cracked Glass

Toughened glass is used in double glazing. As a result, fractures and shatters are quite rare. If they are damaged, we may repair the glass without removing the frame. If the frame has been harmed, we can typically restore it, saving you money on new ones. We can apply a protective coating to the glass at the same time to assist prevent further damage.


Condensation is a typical problem with windows. If the seal fails, water seeps between the glass panes, causing mineral deposits and condensation to develop, giving the window an unattractive misted look. If your window begins to mist, you do not need to replace it entirely. We might replace the glass with new double panes to eliminate the misted appearance and save you money on a new frame.

Water Leaking Through Windows

When you apply a seal to a window, water can seep through and around the window sill and edges inside your home. If the leak is minor, we can usually repair the seal to prevent more moisture from entering. If there is considerable water damage as a consequence of a big leak, we may need to remove the window and install a new frame to repair the damage, but the chances of that happening are very low.

Eco Tauranga

Eco Tauranga can assist you with any uPVC maintenance or cleaning difficulties. We assist our clients in maintaining the frames and glass on their doors so that they may continue to use their high-performance doors for a long time. Get in contact with our pleasant team right now if you’re seeking a trustworthy uPVC door manufacturer and installation!

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