Timber vs uPVC joinery

Timber vs uPVC joinery

When getting new windows, many people stumble upon making a decision about what joinery they should get with their double glazing. With timber, aluminium and uPVC on the market, it can be a challenging choice when you are unsure about the pros and cons that each of them has to offer. Let Eco Tauranga explain the benefits and negatives of timber and uPVC joinery to help you make a decision for your new windows!

New timber windows with double glazing

Many people in New Zealand are opting for installing their new windows with timber joinery. This has been the classic and traditional choice in the country for several years, and many believe this is the only way to preserve the style and look of their homes. With the timber joinery, you won’t notice any difference in the exterior of your home, apart from the fresh-looking paint. Many opt for this timber joinery due to wanting to keep their home looking exactly as it has for the past decades, and there is no better option to do that. Make sure you don’t overlook other options because you want to keep your home looking the same as before. Research other joineries, as many come in designs that look similar to your current wooden windows.

An additional benefit of timber joinery with double glazing is the thermal characteristics. As a natural insulator, timber has the ability to keep your home at the ideal temperature during the cold winter and hot summer months. The only challenge is that timber doesn’t seal as well as uPVC options, which means that you could feel draughts coming in from around your windows over time. This happens when the timber expands and contracts and the glass shifts positions within the frames.

Timber joinery is also extremely high maintenance. They require to be painted regularly to keep your home’s desired character and look due to the wind and rain easily damaging the surface. Timber also warps and rots easily, which means that owners regularly need to look out for damage and replace the joinery to avoid leaks and additional issues within their homes.


uPVC joinery with double glazing

The popularity of uPVC joinery with double glazing has increased over the years due to the various benefits that they offer homeowners. Find out why this modern option may be the best choice for your home!

Many people refrain from looking into this option, as they believe it will completely change the exterior look of their homes. However, Eco Tauranga has a range of colours and design choices that make this joinery look very similar to your original timber windows. Even though your windows won’t look exactly like timber, the design of your home won’t be fully modified.

uPVC joinery is the most low maintenance option on the market. They don’t have to be repainted or changed regularly, as they can’t rot and warp. All you will need to do is clean the joinery a few times a year to make sure the material isn’t damaged. If you forget to assess and paint your timber windows, then uPVC joinery gives you an excellent, low-maintenance solution!

These types of windows also offer the highest overall thermal performance with their natural insulator qualities, ensuring that you are kept warm in the winter and cold in the summer. With their tight sealing double rubber seal, uPVC windows eliminate any breezes that you might feel with your current windows from the outside. No matter where you live in New Zealand, these windows have been made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, such as steady rain and strong wind.

The only downside of uPVC joinery that we can think of is their thick profile, which means that you may lose some glass space when going for this option. If you are thinking of fitting several small-sized windows close together within your home, this may cause you to lose some natural light.


So which one should I get?

Both these options offer excellent benefits for your home, making it a more comfortable and ideal place to live in. You will need to weigh up the benefits and negatives of timber and uPVC joinery and select the one that will offer the greatest positives for your household. If you are still struggling to make a decision, get in touch with the friendly Eco Tauranga team, who can give you personalised suggestions based on your house’s location and your needs!

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