Retrofit Double Glazing vs uPVC Joinery with Double Glazing

Retrofit Double Glazing vs uPVC Joinery with Double Glazing

Are you thinking about getting new double glazed windows to improve the comfort of your home?

You have the option to retrofit your existing timber or aluminium joinery with new double glazed windows when you don’t want such a significant change. However, you can also put in uPVC joinery with double glazing for a more extensive renovation that will change how the outside of your home looks.

In this blog, Eco Tauranga explores the differences between the two methods and highlights the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision about what option is the right one for your double glazing needs!


Retrofitting new double glazed units into your existing timber or aluminium joinery


  • Cheaper

Requiring less material and utilising your current joinery, retrofitting is a great way to upgrade your home if you don’t want to spend a significant amount on the renovations. You will only need to purchase the double glazed windows and pay for the installation cost.


  • Faster lead time and quicker install

Usually, a much faster turnaround time compared to when you are changing the whole joinery, retrofitting can get you the comfort you are looking for quickly and without being invasive.


  • Retain the look of your home

When you want to keep the character of your home, retrofitting is a great solution. All the timber or aluminium surroundings remain, such as the sills, facings, and reveals, so your home looks exactly the same from both the outside and the inside as before the renovation. When you have a designer character home that you are attached to, retrofitting is an excellent option to improve your comfort levels!


  • Less invasive

As the frames stay in place, the renovation is actually relatively minor. No walls need to be opened, which ensures your home doesn’t get exposed for an extensive amount of time.



  • Timber and aluminium issues

As your existing frames and joinery remain in place, your timber can still rot and warp relatively easily. With aluminium windows, you still have highly conductive structures that get condensation often and let the heat out.

  • Not sealing properly

Your timber and aluminium framing might not seal the window as well as a uPVC joinery option, and you still could get some drafts coming in from around your glass. It is almost impossible to retrofit double glazed glass perfectly without any leaks.

  • High maintenance

Ensuring that your timber joinery is up to standard and looks nice is a high maintenance job. You will need to paint your sills and frames regularly to ensure that your home looks great from the outside. In addition, you regularly need to look for rotting and warping.


What to be mindful of

If you decide retrofitting is the right option for you, make sure that the double glazing you get has a minimum 10mm gap between the panes of glass. Any gap smaller than this is ineffective and has no higher thermal performance than single glazing. This can particularly be an issue with older, thinner aluminium frames.


uPVC joinery with double glazing


  • Thermally efficient

uPVC joinery with double glazing is the most thermally efficient option on the market. It seals 100%, even in stronger environmental conditions, such as high winds and rain. You won’t feel any gusts when sitting near the windows in your home or get any condensation on your frames. uPVC windows ensure your home is warm and doesn’t let any cold air in.


  • Low maintenance

The low maintenance uPVC frames don’t need painting and never rot or warp. You won’t have to be concerned about keeping an eye on them constantly. uPVC can be cleaned with soap and water and stays looking modern for a long amount of time. Hinges and handles should be lubricated every four to six months to ensure they function optimally.


  • Large double glazed options

uPVC double glazed windows come in different functions and sizes, accommodating for both those who want small glasses and those who enjoy massive windows. The 24mm total thickness allows for a 16mm air gap between the two panes, ensuring that your home is fully protected against outside environmental factors, regardless of the window’s size.


  • Modern look

Rather than just replacing your glass, you get entirely new windows with framing that will make your home look modern and allow you to remove any old joinery that doesn’t do its job well anymore. uPVC will give your home a modern look and add value to your property.


  • Retain your home’s character

While uPVC is new and modern, it also can retain the character of your home. Looking similar to timber, uPVC frames don’t look that much different to what your home has been used to in the past.


  • More expensive

Completely changing the joinery and double glazing of your windows can be an expensive process, especially if you require more oversized windows. If you would like to save on the process, you might want to consider retrofitting instead.


  • Longer lead time and installation

It can take some time until we get the custom-sized windows and joinery ready for your home. The installation also generally takes longer and might mean that you need to wait longer for your double glazing and improved comfort in your home. We suggest you get in touch with us well before the cold hits, so you can enjoy the benefits of uPVC double glazing in the winter.


  • More invasive

When replacing doors or aluminium joinery, it can be a relatively invasive process and leave your home exposed longer. The renovations are more serious, which might reveal some further issues that will cost you money.

uPVC joinery with double glazing is an excellent option if you want the entire experience and full benefits of double glazing, including warmth, quiet, secure, and eco-friendly homes. Eco Tauranga are experts in uPVC joinery, and we have a range of double glazing options available for anyone.


Get in contact with us today if you want a professional and experienced team to work on your windows. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our retrofitting and complete uPVC options!

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