Tilt & turn Windows



These innovative windows have dual functions that allow you to use them in two different positions. They are a fantastic option for any modern home or building. 


To let air in while retaining a high degree of security and allowing peace of mind that no small children will be able to climb out, the Tilt & Turn frames tilt inwards to an opening of 100mm. This offers great ventilation without the worry of a traditionally opening window. 


As well as opening inwards at the top, they open inwards from the side like a door. In this function, they swing freely with no friction hinges. This allows for ease of cleaning and more indoor-outdoor flow of air when it’s needed.


As with all of our uPVC window products, the Tilt & Turn windows are very secure when locked. They have an airtight rubber seal, and a multi-point locking system. Each window frame has at least two points of locking, and this number is proportional to the size of the window.


The Tilt & Turn windows are a great compromise between security and bringing the outdoors in. If you have any questions about this great product, get in touch with the Eco Tauranga team today.

Tilt and Turn

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